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Top 9 Reasons To Read Books On Money


Whether it’s the debt crisis in Greece, navigating our personal finances, bootstrapping revenues for our small business, or the emergence of alternative forms of financial transaction…. money is constantly at the forefront of our minds. Here are a few great books that offer a wide swath of perspectives to boost our financial understanding and keep us grounded in the midst of unprecedented domestic and global change.

1. Breaking Banks: The Innovators, Rogues, and Strategists Rebooting Banking by Brett King

The banking and financial services industries are facing tumultuous disruption amid evolving consumer demand. With insights from many of the world’s leading innovators in financial technology,


Expert Interview: Tom Wheelwright, Tax Free Wealth


When we hear the word “taxes” it immediately captures our attention. For some, it conjures up fear and dread. But according to tax expert Tom Wheelwright, the word represents significant financial advantages for those savvy enough to capitalize on key provisions in our tax law.

As a tax authority and Rich Dad Tax Advisor, Tom is fond of a saying espoused by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Robert says, “Debt and taxes will make you rich.” Following on this point, Tom recommends having a great tax advisor who is knowledgable about tax law and real estate investing. In his book Tax Free Wealth, he offers a treasure trove of strategies that create tax favorability for your business and personal income. Tom is CEO of ProVision Wealth where he and his team works with successful small businesses and entrepreneurs in 30 countries, helping them build long-term sustainable wealth. He is a frequent speaker for groups both nationally and internationally and has been featured in Accounting Today, Investors Business Daily, Deseret News National, and CEO Blog Nation.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom for this piece, and found his approach to taxes and wealth building to be quite refreshing. Check out the discussion below for his no-holds-barred thoughts on how we can keep more of what we earn personally as well as in our businesses.


Tom, what prompted you to write a book on taxes, of all things?

[Chuckle] It seems like wherever I turn, I tend to hear about the tax law being bad and terribly complicated.

The Problem with Capital Controls

Grexit Greece Euro CrisisGreece continues to face a potential default by the end of this month, prompting many Greek citizens to withdraw their savings from banks. This in turn has led to intensified calls for capital controls. Capital controls are seen as a necessary action by many banks and government finance ministers. However, they are not a solution to the underlying problem and will only create more distortions and economic problems the longer they remain in place.

Greece’s IMF repayment is due by the end of this month, and if a deal with their creditors is not reached they will likely default. The possibility of default or removal from the Eurozone has caused many Greek citizens to withdraw their savings for fear of bank closures or currency devaluations.

50 Free Tickets to Anthem Film Festival for Students

anthemfilmfestAs you may have heard before, Anthem Vault is sponsoring two categories at the Anthem Film Festival this year: Best Libertarian Values and Best Original Score. Winners will be receiving $500 towards an Anthem Vault account. Anthem Vault CEO, Anthem Blanchard, and Board Member, Cynthia Blanchard, will be on the distinguished panel of judges, taking part in the 3-day festival.

However, it’s not just the filmmakers that are benefiting from Anthem Vault’s participation. Film students in the Las Vegas area, and students at Freedom Fest will receive access to 50 free tickets. All you have to do is visit the Anthem Vault booth (202 &204) in the Freedom Fest exhibit hall and ask for your passes (student ID encouraged – to ensure we maximize student access to the film festival).

Still Waiting for a Rate Hike

federalreserveThe Federal Reserve and FOMC concluded their two day meeting on Wednesday and announced they would be keeping interest rates near zero. This was expected, of course. What is causing anxiety for market participants is the continued question of when the rate hike cycle will actually start. Today’s decision continues to drag out the anticipation and fuel the debate. In this article, we will first look at the facts of today’s announcement and then analyze the options the Fed is currently facing and the implications for the markets.

Although a rate hike was technically possible, almost all pundits and economists knew that was not going to happen. Instead, the main focus was on any indications by Fed chairwoman Janet Yellen concerning when or if rate hikes would be coming later this year. In this regard, it seems the Fed