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HP Divided In Hopes To Conquer

HP-LogoThe Great Depression scorched the 1930s like a wildfire, showing no bias and engulfing millions in the crippling flames of economic crisis. In 1939, as the Depression came to an end, a technology ingenue arose from the smog.On New Year’s Day in 1939, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded Hewlett Packard inside a backyard garage. Now, after 76 years and periodic highs and lows, HP ceases to exist as the entity originally forged in Packard’s garage.

A company whose standard


5th of November Photo Caption Contest

One of the best films – with a message – is celebrating its day of inspiration this week, and Anthem Vault plans to make it an exciting week for our customers. The 5th of November is celebrated as ‘Guy Fawkes Day’, mostly in Great Britain. Citizens celebrate the failed attempt of taking down King James I. This same story was interpreted into the blockbuster hit “V for Vendetta”, which sent shockwaves through Hollywood. It became an allegory against oppression, and many political groups have since referenced the film. This controversial film, that was first a book, tells the story of the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605, attempted by Guy Fawkes as well as 10 or more other plotters.

One of the original authors of V for Vendetta describes the film’s significance in society today:

“The Guy Fawkes mask has now become a common brand and a convenient placard to use in protest against tyranny – and I’m happy with people using it, it seems quite unique, an icon of popular culture being used this way.”


We are celebrating the 5th of November all week and giving away a 2 ozt Warbird, .999 silver round. All you have to do is join our Facebook page’s caption contest.

The person who contributes a caption and receives the most likes will win. We will also have a winner picked by the judges here at Anthem Vault. Visit the page and submit your caption! The winner will be announced on Thursday at 4pm MST.