50 Free Tickets to Anthem Film Festival for Students

anthemfilmfestAs you may have heard before, Anthem Vault is sponsoring two categories at the Anthem Film Festival this year: Best Libertarian Values and Best Original Score. Winners will be receiving $500 towards an Anthem Vault account. Anthem Vault CEO, Anthem Blanchard, and Board Member, Cynthia Blanchard, will be on the distinguished panel of judges, taking part in the 3-day festival.

However, it’s not just the filmmakers that are benefiting from Anthem Vault’s participation. Film students in the Las Vegas area, and students at Freedom Fest will receive access to 50 free tickets. All you have to do is visit the Anthem Vault booth (202 &204) in the Freedom Fest exhibit hall and ask for your passes (student ID encouraged – to ensure we maximize student access to the film festival).

Cynthia and Anthem have long been big supporters of art and culture when it comes to spreading the ideas of sound money and liberty. The company is excited to take part in the cultural arm of Freedom Fest – known as Anthem Film Festival. Best of luck to all the filmmakers. We’ll see you soon!

Are you a student and have a question about attending? Contact us: support@anthemvault.com

“It is one of-if not the most-powerful forms of communication in the universe, and communication leads to understanding and trust.” – Cynthia Blanchard