Amazon at its Prime

amazonTwo years ago, Amazon announced an ambitious plan that quickly went viral: a new delivery service called Prime Air that would make same-day drone deliveries to participating Amazon customers. The service was not expected to come out for a couple years at the very least. As of now, it is still just an idea that might possibly never become a reality. But what is becoming a reality right now is a new Uber-like service for Amazon deliveries.

Not a company to fall behind on great new innovations for long, Amazon is planning to integrate crowd-sourced drivers into its Prime Now delivery service. The plan is that they would be paid between $18 and $25 to deliver packages to Amazon customers in as little as one hour! The service can even be used to order groceries, in addition to Amazon’s usual smorgasbord of products.

The service will be rolled out in select cities to begin with, but there are already plans to expand to more cities and other parts of the country. In only a few years time, waiting several days for a package to arrive on your doorstep could become a thing of the past. 

Drivers will be able to sign up to participate in the program and, after a screening process with background checks, they will become part of Amazon’s crowd-sourced delivery team. The idea of allowing people to bike or walk while making deliveries has also been proposed.

Services like this show the power of the free market in action. The popular Uber app has demonstrated the benefit of crowd-sourcing labor for consumers, and it has created an entirely new industry. Not only would this Uber-like delivery service add a new layer to the convenience of Amazon and give them another edge over the competition, it will also satisfy customers’ wants and could potentially create tons of new jobs, even for those without cars.

It’s really hard to imagine how this kind of service feature could be detrimental to anyone. Employers, employees and customers all stand to benefit. All of this would be made possible without regulation or intervention; that is the power of a truly great idea.

Despite being such an enormous company, Amazon has managed to remain forward-thinking and adaptable. This new move to incorporate crowdsourcing in order to carry out super quick delivery demonstrates that Amazon can keep up with the times and will probably continue on its streak as an innovative e-commerce juggernaut.