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Noah’s Gold Ark

Noah's Gold ArkWhy Noah’s Gold Ark? Noah saved man and animal-kind from the flood, but he should also have brought gold and silver along, to use as money and to conserve as an enduring store of wealth.


Death is a certainty, but we try to minimize the impact by living each day to the fullest. So it is with the financial flood waters rising fast. We must be like Noah and prepare for that eventuality by securing our wealth the best way we can; and that means owning physical 100% pure gold and silver, my friend.


While the people scurry about their mud-brick homes in the rain, repairing holes in the thatched roof against the coming storm, Noah is putting the finishing touches to his sturdy Ark, a stoutly built vessel that will stay dry and secure above the coming maelstrom of churning waves. With The Ark completed, Noah begins stacking gold and silver bars in the hold, two by two. Soon, Noah’s Gold Ark is safely afloat while everybody else drowns in the rising waters.


Everyone knows the clichéd definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. However, the current insanity – printing trillions of dollars, running up impossible entitlement debts, a tax-and-spend policy that will cripple America – is insanely stupid. ‘Stupid’ because the government pursues strategies that have never worked before and will certainly fail again. Consider these absolute truths:

Ark Flood Gold-       No nation with a fiat currency has ever maintained the value of its money. EVERY fiat currency, since the Romans first began the practice in the first century, ended in devaluation and eventual collapse – collapse of the currency and of the economy.

–       When fiat currencies fail, throughout history people always turn to gold and silver: Noah’s Gold Ark.

–       With near-zero interest rates and a devaluing dollar, the longer you hold dollars, the less they are worth (today worth 4% of their value 100 years ago) .

–       The bank owns the money you have in your account, in return for which you can claim a credit against the bank’s assets. You may not know this, but it is terrifyingly true. Check it out.

–       No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity.

–       No government has ever continually spent more than it received in revenue, without eventually having to cut back severely on spending and also invoke austerity measures.

–       No nation on earth has a government-run health care program that works. Not one. They are all inefficient, over budget, plagued with widespread and blatant fraud, intrusive of patient rights and privacy, and none of them put the health of the patient first.

–       In fact, can you name a U.S. government program of any kind that does work?

TRUTH TRUMPS INSANITYsafe secure gold silver

Truth versus insanity. When the truth is staring you in the face, with a 2,000 year history of failed fiat currencies to prove it, how much longer are you going to keep stuffing that toilet-paper money under your mattress (or worse, in a bank account)? When the financial flood waters swirl around your ankles, don’t you want to be with Noah – and your own gold and silver – safe and secure on Noah’s Gold Ark?

Only Americans who own physical gold and silver will have their wealth protected…… are YOU already counted in this select group?


Government Abuse

Government abuse. It is odd that the American people are not heartsick, outraged and taking to the streets over unrestrained government and the recent catalog of gross abuses of Federal power and control. Or at least it is odd until you remember two things:

1) The liberal media avoids tackling anything that might disparage Obama, two bumps in the road being the NSA Prism spying scandal followed by the revelation that the Justice Department had secretly combed through the phone records of reporters and editors at The Associated Press.

2) Many Americans just do not care anymore, and are frankly tired of the squabbling between Big Government Democrats and Big Government Republicans.


This is tragic, because history will show that the two things that actually threatened post- WWII America were not nuclear war and terrorism, but the Federal government and creeping apathy; two things that are destroying the America we know and love. Government is the enemy, not terrorists. Historically, governments have slaughtered and imprisoned millions of people, while terrorists have killed a few hundred thousand.


This spate of egregious government scandals does have a common thread.

–       The operations are carried out in secret.

–       When exposed, they are hotly denied by the accused and largely ignored by the mainstream media.

–       No one confesses, apologizes or is ever held accountable.

–       The Administration and mainstream media eagerly welcome the next ‘news distraction’.

–       In short, nothing changes.


During this century, Americans have taken a stand against communism (the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the Korean and Vietnam wars), fascism (Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq), imperialism (Hirohito’s Japan) and Islamic fundamentalism (Afghanistan, Iran, Al Qaeda). Yet what we have to fear most is statism at home, since our government already believes it should control individual liberty (gun control), social policy (Obamacare) and economic policy (government bailouts of corporations, loans to uneconomic ‘green’ corporations, and now perhaps even bankrupt cities as well).


As Cato Institute President John Allison recently noted, “The tragedy is that we cannot trust our own government….. as all of the abuses and intentionally misleading statements clearly demonstrate. If we could, the IRS abuses would not have taken place and there might be an argument for NSA surveillance for terrorists. Power corrupts. I believe it is reasonable to draw a connection between these abuses of power and the efforts to take away 2nd Amendment rights. The last check against the tyrannical state is the right to bear arms. When gun rights go, other freedoms will ultimately follow.”


If you still think you trust your government, remember that these are the same people who dictate monetary policy and who are printing $85 billion dollars a month out of thin air, constantly devaluing our currency and hiding from us the fact that real interest rates are in the negative and that the real consumer inflation rate is approaching 9% per year.


Now do you understand why discerning Americans are taking advantage of a temporary dip in prices to buy up and store physical gold and silver bullion now, for the storm ahead?